Cellular Enhancement Systems

Are you or your employees not receiving adequate enough service? Certain locations, unfortunately, may be situated in areas with a poor cellular signal. However, this is not an unsolvable issue. SKC provides cabling and installation services of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) used to enhance the signal of cellular carriers within a building complex that may otherwise not receive these signals.

DAS consists of two basic parts: a signal source and a distribution system. DAS works to correct poor coverage and low capacity in dense usage areas. Determining which category your situation falls into is critical in determining the right DAS. DAS can work with multiple carriers making it a good solution for commercial properties with employees covered by different networks.

SKC can install these systems in multi-tenant high-rise facilities and underground locations like basements and tunnels. To obtain a quotation or inquire about additional information regarding Distributed Antenna Systems, contact us directly.

Featured Project: AT&T at Goldman Sachs

Commscope DAS consisting of:

  • 318 Antennas
  • 1200 Connectors
  • 40,000 feet of ½ Coax
  • 10,000 feet of SM Fiber
  • 16 High Power Remotes
  • Head End Build out
  • Sweep Testing to AT&T Standards
  • PIM Testing to AT&T Standards