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Our data center installations are all BICSI certified. Our cabling and installation services cover the design, construction, and ongoing cabling management and maintenance of Data Centers. In addition, we provide the assembly, construction, and installation of equipment racks, data cabinets, cable tray, wiring and server/switch components.

Let Us Handle The Dirty Work

From start to finish, your data center will be fully equipped with the best communication technology with SKCabling Systems. We are committed to our clients and believe wholeheartedly that it is also our job to help maintain and manage the equipment we have installed and thus offer services to that end.

We will determine which type of network cabling to use for your data center depending on the existing interface on the center’s equipment. We may also consider the equipment’s bandwidth requirement. The primary types of network cabling for data centers are AC/DC power, ground, copper, and fiber optic.

Structured or Unstructured

There are two types of cabling when it comes to data centers: structured or unstructured. A structured cabling system is recommended because it relies on predefined standards and connection points and pathways. It tends to be better organized and labeled and is generally more reliable. The higher initial cost is balanced by a lower operational cost and longer life cycle than an unstructured cabling system.

An unstructured cabling system is known as Point to Point. Unlike its counterpart, it does not utilize predefined standards, connection points, or pathways. Cooling issues and higher energy costs may result from this type of system as well as a shorter lifespan. The Point-to-Point structure simply offers a lower upfront cost as well as a shorter installation time, though these benefits ultimately cost more in the long run. We highly encourage clients considering this cabling system to conduct more research to determine whether it is truly right for their data center.